About the Business

We provide exceptional personal, virtual, and executive support, to help you focus on the responsibilities that require your attention.  We're here to help you succeed, hit your goals faster, and achieve the balance you likely need and desire in your life.  As life continues to get busier, our ability to stay on top of all the tasks and responsibilities becomes more difficult and more stressful.  Things fall through the cracks, and we can tackle some of those items for you, giving you time back to focus on the things you value most, which in turn alleviates stress. 


Our cost-effective solutions include scheduling & calendar management, marketing & social media management, organizing & implementing processes, working directly with your clients or partners, process improvement & documentation, hiring & training, and so much more!

Our Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the service provided, we would love the opportunity to make it up to you.  If we are unable to for any reason, we will gladly refund your money within 30 days of completion of your project, with a written request of refund.


We often have access to highly confidential information, and adhere to a strict confidentiality policy and will not share your information,  including any third party.


Nurturing YOUR vision

Always maintaining integrity

Serving with passion

Commitment to Value

Exceptional Customer Service 


To provide the very best support, to serve and anticipate the needs of others, to deliver results in a cost-effective manner, and to build a reputation of trustworthiness.

"Your assistant is an immense resource who frees up your time, gets minutiae off your desk, and keeps anything and everything that is a hindrance to your productivity away from you.  Your assistant is a resource dedicated to you, whose sole purpose it is to make your life easier; to make you look good; to make you shine in every circumstance and situation."- The CEO's Secret Weapon

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Erin Jacobsen

Founder of Lifestyle Elements

My "WHY"

I have always had a passion for helping others, and creating Lifestyle Elements allowed me the ability to do so full time.  My vision was to build something satisfying and rewarding, that allowed me to serve and help, with the potential for growth and expansion, and I've done just that!


My job is to help behind the scenes, streamlining the infrastructure, providing support, and helping others to shine! For one client this may mean interacting directly with their clients or customers, for another, it could be all marketing and social media management, or technology research and rollouts –

It’s always different!

My Background

With dreams of entrepreneurship and over 15 years of experience in support, operations, and project management roles, it was time to branch out on my own to focus on what I love most: helping others!  In my corporate career, I was often a subject-matter expert on various tools, applications, and processes.  I found great joy in learning new things and sharing them with others.  Building Lifestyle Elements was the clear next step for my career, enhancing both my professional skills, allowing creativity to flow, and supporting my passion for helping others.

An Oregonian at birth and after a few years in Colorado and New Mexico, I returned to the beautiful state of Oregon in 2014 with my two wonderful children.  I absolutely love this beautiful state, and when I'm not working on a project, I get outdoors as often as possible!

If you’d like more information on my professional background, check out my Linkedin profile.

Thanks for reading, I hope to speak with you soon!